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2016 Christmas

I made a Special Bedtime Stories Christmas Special called "Waterworks." It's #162.
I also made a 2016 Christmas Bonus episode.
I've been trying to get "Waterworks" to display on the top of the page first, but it's impossible.
So I implore you to enjoy the Special Bonus, but also click through and and enjoy the actual Special Christmas Special. 

New Podcast: Out of All Doors podcast/out-of-all-doors/ id919992771

Hey, everyone, it's my brand new podcast, Out of All Doors! Right now it's only available on iTunes, so if you don't have iTunes, well, I don't know. But if you DO have iTunes, just follow that link, click "view in iTunes" and then you can stream it or download it or rate/review it...whatever you want to do.

Out of All Doors is a comedy podcast about the outdoors and several funny people contributed with more set to contribute in the future. I'm talking Andy Popenfoose, Matt Martin, JJ Evans, Aaron Eikenberry, Casey Bye, Steve Tartaglione, etc. Also, Casey made some great music for the show and Matt and I did an interview with this guy we know named Squall (not his real name) who is not playing a character even though it might sound like he is. Also, Aaron helped me with all the technical stuff, as usual, and Brent Koenigsman made the logo, so thanks to both of those guys for that stuff.

I hope you like it! And, you know, pass it around if you know anyone else who would like it too

On iTunes

 You can get both Bedtime Stories and One Man's World on iTunes. Just search "Bedtime Stories" or "One Man's World" under podcasts. You'll find them!

New Album from The Mispronouncer: Get Ye Up

 There's a new album from The Mispronouncer at Or you can just click the "The Mispronouncer" button at the top of the page. The album is called Get Ye Up and it's all about the American West. You can stream it or download it for free. If you want to pay for it, you can just donate here on

Apps: Get them.

You can download apps to listen to all of these Bedtime Stories  on your Smart-Style Phones.
Here's the one for your iPhone: iPhone App.
Here's the one for your Android or whatever: Android App. 

One Man's World Season 2

There's a new One Man's World episode available on this very site. Just click the "One Man's World" button at the top of the page or follow this link: One Man's World S2E1- "Devil Around". Daniel welcomes Scott back to the airwaves and discusses his latest painting.

Newsworthy News

It's been almost one year since I updated the news. 

I've been posting Classic Bedtime Stories at a feverish pace. Almost all of them are on the site now. There are still a few that I need to fix in various ways, but the vast majority are available for reading, listening, and extensively critiquing. The earliest ones don't have Discussion Questions 'cause I wasn't doing that back then. And some of them were recorded before I had a pop filter, so that's a thing you'll just have to endure.

There's now a donate button on the site. Click on that button if you'd like to donate money to the site (me (Adam (I'll also give some of it to Aaron for making and maintaining the site))).

Aaron also made a Bedtime Stories app for your iPhone.
Here it is: 

I have 4 new One Man's World scripts written. If you like One Man's World, well, maybe that means there'll be some new ones soon.

If you like this site, tell your friends to visit it.

If you want to get in touch with me, email me at Or find me on facebook where I'm known as Adam C. Drent. Or follow me on twitter: @hugepop.


Huge Pop Tumblr

I started a tumblr to compile and comment my favorite funny and strange oldies that I've encountered while mining for samples. It's at

Third Annual Special Bedtime Stories Christmas Special

The Third Annual Special Bedtime Stories Christmas Special is posted. It's #103. It's called The Owner's Favor. Merry Christmas, all.

Third Annual Special Bedtime Stories Thanksgiving Special

The Third Annual Special Bedtime Stories Thanksgiving Special has been posted. It's #101 and it's called Thankshoarding. Happy Thanksgiving, folks.


The Special Bedtime Story 100th Bedtime Story Special is now available. It's called Lifetime Supply. Also, to celebrate the 100th Bedtime Story, I also posted the very first Bedtime Story. It's called Lookin' For Trouble and I posted it in the exact form that it was sent to the original list of not more than twelve people. That means no pop filter, reading errors not edited out, and an introduction performed in an obnoxious, wheedling tone that I've since abandoned. So see where we've been. See where we've come. Onward to Bedtime Story 101.

Halloween Specials

In addition to posting the Third Annual Special Bedtime Stories Halloween Special (#99: Wolfishman), I also re-recorded and posted the First and Second Annual Special Bedtime Stories Halloween Specials (#11: Public Nuisance and #68: The Monster's Name). I also posted #5: Ghost Unnoticed because, as a ghost story, it's relevant to Halloween.

The Free Refill is available.

The new album by The Mispronouncer is available to stream or download. It costs 0 dollars. Just click the button at the top of this page to visit The Mispronouncer bandcamp page.

It Works.

The site works. There's content here. Might as well call it what it is: launched.

New news for 4/22/2011

This news is new: the site is almost ready. It really is.